Welcome to Nine Lines. Here you can view the range of 009 and 00n3 narrow gauge model railway products. Nine Lines are only available directly, they are not available in shops.

Nine Lines products are injection moulded plastic model railway kits in 4mm to the foot scale (009 & 00n3). Whilst being generally easy to assemble the kits contain small parts and are not suitable for young children.

The Nine Lines range includes complete kits modelled on the Lynton & Barnstaple, Welshpool & Llanfair, Southwold, Talyllyn and County Donegal Railways. In addition, a number of accessories are available such as underframes and moulded van roofs.

Couplings, Vac pipes  paint and adhesive are not included with the kits.

Important note about wheels:

The 8mm diameter wheels supplied with W&L and Southwold kits and the 9mm diameter wheels with CD kits are no longer being manufactured. As of 14 August I have no 9mm gauge wheels for W&L/Southwold/Talyllyn kits. I do have a limited number of the same wheels in 12mm gauge which could be used by adjusting the back to back - not an ideal solution though and even these will run out eventually.


All photographs shown are for illustrative purposes only.

NEW! Also available, are lead weights to fit beneath (or inside) L&B wagons & vans. These weigh 11g, flat and can be attached beneath NL1, 5 and 10 without being visible. You can, of course, locate them inside and, on NL25, the weight needs to be fitted inside the van. The weights are priced at 50p and can only be purchased with an L&B kit (including bogies and chassis).


Your Models

I have been selling Nine Lines NG kits for about 30 years now and I often wonder about the layouts they end up on. They have been posted all over the world and I'm sure there must be plenty of railways out there that deserve a wider audience. I'd like to create a section of the site to display some of your photographs. So, if you have something special, unusual or you are just proud of your creation I'd like to see it. I cannot promise to show everything and, if you're familiar with the site you'll know that I'm no expert in web design, however I'll do my best! Just e-mail me your pictures: in focus, not too big and of course, including Nine Lines models - however modified! 

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